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    All good things...... Heroic Garrosh Down!

    By Palious,


    3 Tiers, 43 Heroic Raid Bosses, 9 World Bosses, 9 Challenge Mode Dungeons, 9 Heroic Dungeons, 2 billion dailies, a bunch of randoms, more Heroic Scenarios, over a year of capping valor, upgrading items, enchanting, gemming and reforging plenty of gear, good times and bad, Pandemonium has cleared the final raid boss, Garrosh Hellscream and finished the Mists of Pandaria Expansion US 61st 25m raiding guild.

    We have been through a lot since we could play Monks and race change to Pandas, many people have come and gone, new members have come, leadership has changed, some old faces, and a lots of new ones, but we remain strong and look forward to facing new challenges in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor Expansion.  ( and yes, leveling to 100 also! )

    Thanks to all our members, Socials, Veterans, Recruits, and officers, and of course, who could forget our two Goraks.  Thanks for leading us to victory, no one could ask for a better pair of Kittys.  ( 1.3 million rake crits ftw )

    Here are three more Screenshots from our kill!

    We Kill Bugs: D E A D

    By Palious,


    The Paragons of the Klaxxi have fallen.  We now press on to the 14th and final boss of this Tier and the final boss of the expansion:  Garrosh Hellscream.  13/14 Heroic 25m bosses clear, one more to go.  Thanks everyone for their hard work, and patience while we solved our bug problem.  One more to go friends.

    Blackfuse DEFUSED!

    By Baelrah,

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    We last left our heroes killing the mighty Thok our heroes were faced with a new challenger. SIEGECRAFTER BLACKFUSE! After countless attempts they were able to bring him down! *insert fanfare here* Now faced against Paragons of the Klaxxi, we once helped them when we first came to this land now they have turned their backs and we must face them if our heroes want to get to Garrosh. Will they be able to kill them, or will their powers combined bring them down. STAY TUNED TO Pandemonium : The Bug Stops Here!!

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